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Numor Model 200 & 400 Oil Skimmer

Removes tramp oil from water-based fluids in virtually any application.

  • Return on investment of less than one year normally achieved.

  • Unique belt material specially treated to facilitate removal of oil from liquids.

  • Reduces smoke caused by tramp oil.

  • Skims up to 5 gallons per hour.

  • Extends coolant life and increases machine tool life. Elevates fluids for easy discharge onto containers.

  • Easy mounting on tanks and machines.

  • Portable holding tank, available as an option, allows moving from machine to machine.

  • Full range of belt lengths for almost any application.

  • Unique design features include:

    • Compact and easy clean
    • Simple belt installation
    • Corrosion Resistant finish and rollers
    • No machine adjustments
    • Very low maintenance
    • Operates unattended
    • Ridged construction
  • Machine operation timer:

    • Allows off-hours operation
    • Reduces machine and belt wear
    • Reduces unnecessary coolant removal
  • 110 VAC

Lampco Industries

NUMORator N.P. Series Coalescer

Extend the life of your metal working fluids and aqueous wash waters by removing free floating, dispersed and loosely emulsified oils from coolant and washer reservoirs.

Lampco Industries
  • Compact and maneuverable for ease of use.

  • Operator friendly, in both operation and maintenance.

  • Uses 110 Volt, single phase.

  • Prefilter bag, removes suspended solids and free floating oils.

  • Gravity return feed on both return and tramp oil flows.

Complete with:
  • Ten feet of pickup/return hoses

  • Floating skimmer

  • Pump with motor

  • Pre-filter bag with adapter head

  • Media pack

  • Two feet of discharge hose

  • Casters

Units available in flows of:
N.P. 22-1202120-130
N.P. 55-3005250-300
N.P. 100-60010500-600
N.P. 150-90015800-900

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